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Video: Why Real ETS Questions Matter For GRE Verbal


My GRE verbal course is better than big companies' courses because I only use real ETS questions.

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Learn how to Master
GRE Verbal Reasoning

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So you'd like to improve your GRE Verbal score. Great! But figuring out what to study and how to study it can be hard. What practice material should you use? How long will it take? What about all that tough vocabulary? And even after you create a study plan, how will you know it's working?

Good news! I can help you figure it all out. Not only will I explain things using official ETS GRE verbal questions, but I'll cover the big picture of success on this part of the test and teach you how to make the most of your study time. Whether you're an international student or a native speaker, this course can help raise your score.

In GRE Verbal Precision®, I'll guide you through the process of answering each type of verbal question, and help you learn how to write both types of GRE essay.

A higher verbal score is within your reach.

Here's How I Can Help You.

I've been a full-time GRE tutor since 2008, and I've worked with hundreds of students both individually and in small group classes. I've authored a GRE prep book for Barron's and a video course for LinkedIn Learning, and I've gotten a perfect 170 on the verbal section of the real GRE - twice!

Since I've been working with students of all different abilities for so long, I've gotten really good at explaining GRE verbal questions in down-to-earth ways. Plus, I've gained a deep understanding of how these questions are written, since I've spent so many hours dissecting them with students!

I can only meet with so many students in person. That's why I created GRE Verbal Precision®, to help people who want to improve their verbal score by giving them the same advice I give to my private tutoring students.

GRE Verbal Precision® is a video course that gives you everything you need improve your verbal score, including explanations of each type of GRE verbal question using official ETS material, and easy-to-follow study plans.

IMPORTANT: Even if you don't buy my course, please - for the love of God - only practice with official ETS GRE verbal questions. Other companies' verbal questions are inconsistent, unrealistic, and can create bad habits and confusion.

Course Information

Here's What's Included with GRE Verbal Precision®

GRE Verbal Precision® is designed to raise your score no matter how good you are at the test right now. If I can improve the precision of your technique and understanding of these questions, you'll improve your score.

  • Short, sweet, and simple: There are 10 chapters with 70 videos, and the entire course is only about 4.5 hours long.
  • Teaching that gets to the point. After doing this for 11 years, I can explain things really efficiently - my average video is only about 4 minutes long!
  • The ETS Verbal Reasoning Practice Questions book will be mailed or emailed to you when you enroll, so you can learn using the most realistic material possible.
  • My GRE Prep Journal helps keep you on track and helps you learn the right lessons from your mistakes (this will also be mailed/emailed).
  • Access to GRE Prep Squad - our private Discord group - to help keep you motivated.
  • You'll have free access to my GRE Vocab Cartoons course, which illustrates 1400 vocabulary words with funny mnemonics.
  • Weekly live office hours so you can ask me questions about your GRE prep.
  • My Complete Guide to Learning GRE vocab - a 30-page e-book that is designed to cut through the frustrations many experience while trying to learn new words.
  • Another bonus: a PDF with explanations to every single question from the two free ETS Powerprep tests. 
  • Course members get 10% off any of my other GRE services! 

"Vince knows what he is doing. His experience shows. He has been responsive, respectful, and encouraging throughout my time working with him, and the online course was a convenient way to learn. My GRE verbal score went up 5 points to a 166 out of 170, making my dream schools seem attainable. I would highly recommend Vince to anyone who is willing to put in the work to improve."

— James T. 

What You'll Learn

How to Master GRE Verbal

Across ten chapters, you'll learn all about:

  • How the GRE's scoring and difficulty adaptation work
  • Which study plan to use for your timeframe and goals
  • Answering fill-in-the-blank vocab questions: sentence equivalence and text completion
  • Handling reading comprehension: working with long passages and ambiguous-seeming answer choices
  • Solving tricky critical reasoning questions, like resolving paradoxes and strengthening arguments
  • Writing a great essay in 30 minutes
  • Dealing with timing
  • And, using the right strategies on test day

Who This Course is For

People Who Want Their Verbal Score to Impress

You have big plans for graduate or business school... and beyond. You want to make your application as strong as it can be. You're not only applying to a program, you're making an investment in yourself and your future career. I’m excited to help you get there with GRE Verbal Precision®.

The Verbal Section Doesn't Have to Be Confusing

Stop thinking about studying and get started today. GRE Verbal Precision® will teach you the most important things you need to know to deeply understand and efficiently solve GRE verbal questions.

Class Curriculum

To see everything that is included in the course and preview some course materials, click the link below!



6 Months of Access to GRE Verbal Precision

"I am currently in the process of applying to Doctorate of Physical Therapy Programs. Like many science majors, I have not taken a writing course since my freshman year of college. I was extremely nervous about taking the GRE, especially after I took my first test by myself and completely failed the verbal section. To be exact I ended up with a score of 141. After taking Vince's course, I ended up increasing my verbal score by 10 points! Vince, I can’t thank you enough. I would highly recommend this course to anyone whose in need of any verbal help! "

— Melanie G.

Course Curriculum

(free video content indicated with   icon)







GRE Basics





Smart GRE Study Planning







Intro to Verbal Reasoning




Sentence Equivalence 


 Sentence Equivalence Basics (4:04)


 The Two Most Helpful Questions to Ask (4:50)

 Dealing with Unknown Vocabulary (3:57)

 When the Answers Aren't Synonyms (2:47)

 When the Sentence Makes No Sense (3:16)

 Challenge Question! (2:38)

 One Final Tip (0:28)

Text Completion


 Single-Blank (3:10)

 Double-Blank (2:31)

 Triple-Blank (3:36)


 When There Aren't Clues (2:30)

 Your Friend, the Topic Sentence (3:55)

 Challenge Question (3:21)

 One Last Tip (1:02)

Reading Comprehension


 Informational Passages (3:49)

 How to Answer a Question: The Basics (7:33)

 Wrong Answers Are Attractive (3:53)

 How to Read an Answer Choice Like a Pro (3:58)


 They Say / I Say Passages (5:54)

 Primary Purpose / Main Idea Questions (5:43)


 Detail Questions (7:37)

 Where's Waldo Questions (4:03)

 Issue + Theories Passages (3:46)

 6 Additional Tips (3:37)

Critical Reasoning




 Paradoxes (2:09)

 Strengthen the Argument (6:09)

 Weaken the Argument (4:56)

 Evaluate the Conclusion (3:13)

 Assumptions (3:10)





 Issue Essay Structure Template (5:45)

 Issue Essay Paragraph Template (8:40)


 Argument Essay Structure Template (6:00)

 Argument Essay Paragraph Template (5:40)

GRE Test-Day Tips





Bonus Content






"Vince is a clear communicator and gifted teacher. I only had a couple months to prepare for the test and needed to be efficient. The short videos, along with following his recommended study schedule and using his recommended resources were exactly what I needed to help me reach and surpass my verbal score goals in a short amount of time. I don't believe I would have reached a score of 160 without the course!"

— Penny M.

6 Months of Access to GRE Verbal Precision